Jason Rumbough, lead pastor

Jason, his wife Kelli, and their four kids moved from Raleigh, N.C. to Nashville, TN in June of 2018. Jason has an undergrad in Music Education from Charleston Southern University and a Master of Divinity degree in Theology and Worship from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jason loves the arts and people and loves to see people's lives transformed BY GRACE.

Contact Jason: jason@eastlandbaptistchurch.org

Instagram: @jasonrumbough

Rachael Nemiroff, worship and communications

Rachael Nemiroff came to Eastland in November of 2018. Rachael has been involved in ministry for a number of years as a worship leader for Lifeway, as well as launching out on her own through various ep’s and singles over the past several years. Rachael’s passion is to connect others to God through the use of the arts.

Contact: rachael@eastlandbaptistchurch.org

Instagram: @rachaelnemiroff

Spotify: Rachael Nemiroff

Key Volunteers

Joel Frame, outreach/battleground director

Joel and his wife Tracy moved to Nashville several years ago with a desire to reach those who are often overlooked or marginalized in society. This passion lead to Joel founding The Battleground Urban Arts Center as a way of reaching at-risk teens through the medium of hip-hop. Joel also strategically leads Eastland’s outreach efforts helping Eastland connect to the East Nashville community through various events and programs.

Contact: joel@thebattlegroundnashville.com

Instagram: @itsjoelframe

Website: http://thebattlegroundnashville.com/

Kelly Franklin, eastland kids & counseling director

KELLY AND HER HUSBAND MARK MOVED from Raleigh, NC TO Nashville in July of 2018. Kelly quickly jumped in at Eastland and became a part of the Eastland team regularly volunteering her time and talents to see kids connect with God in a real and personal way. Kelly also leads the counseling team at Eastland helping women receive healing and assistance through gospel application. Kelly’s passion is to see people of all ages grow in their relationship with Christ.

Contact: wecare@eastlandbaptistchurch.org

Joe Hutto, facilities

Joe and his wife Brenda have been long-time members and attenders at Eastland. Joe is a Nashville native and loves Eastland and the east Nashville community. Joe has overseen facility usage for a number of years and desires to see the building used in strategic ways for community engagement and gospel-advancement.

Contact: joedhutto@bellsouth.net

Kelli Rumbough, first impressions/guest services director

Kelli moved with her husband Jason in June of 2018 to help relaunch Eastland and see the church once again recapture it’s gospel-centered, community-minded focus. Kelli’s passion is helping people connect with God through the use of her gift of hospitality. She loves God, her husband, and her four kids (Micah, Luka, Noelle, and Judah).

Contact: kellirumbough@gmail.com

Instagram: @kellirumbough

Patrick Waller, Prayer Director

Patrick and his wife Megan have been a part of Eastland for several years involved in various places such as kids ministry, worship, preaching, teaching, among others. Originally from Tullahoma, TN, Patrick met and then married Megan at Eastland, Patrick and Megan love helping people go deeper in their spiritual journey through prayer. Patrick is a fan of theater and was heavily involved in a number of productions through the Nashville Children’s Theater.

Contact: yodaapsu4@hotmail.com